[Alice Soft] Rance 01 -Quest for Hikari- & Rance 02 -The Rebellious Maidens- (ENGLISH)

VNDB/p> This is a remake of the original Rance title which came out 24 years ago. The womanizing warrior Rance is accompanied by his magician slave Sill as they search for the kidnapped noble daughter Hikari. It uses an old-style chip-based battle system, but the […]

[Studio Jaren] Studio Jaren Collection

VNDB VN Collection from Studio jaren Consist of: STUDIO邪恋 Megaera [01][2006][06][30][STUDIO邪恋] 操心術+ [02][2008][01][25][STUDIO邪恋] 電波の奴隷 [03][2008][01][25][STUDIO邪恋] 操心術2plus [04][2010][05][28][STUDIO邪恋] ゴニン!?~ピタリと的中!強制占い~ [05][2011][01][21][STUDIO邪恋] 操心術3 + 操心術3 アペンド版 [06][2011][01][28][STUDIO邪恋] 操心術0 [07][2012][11][30][STUDIO邪恋] 操心術∞ [08][2015][06][26][STUDIO邪恋] 操心術 外伝 ~綾河博士のHENTAI事件簿~ [09][2016][07][29][STUDIO邪恋] 巨乳人妻3P催眠 ~催眠で寝取らせていただきます!~ Taken from this torrent